Access Strategies Fund supports the collective power of underserved communities to engage the democratic process to improve the lives of individuals and society.

Vision Statement

A society in which every individual and group has the power, respect, and resources to create shared well-being and the common good.

What We Do

Access Strategies Fund provides non-partisan funding and technical assistance to 501 (c)(3) organizations to build the civic participation and power of diverse women, people of color, low-income people, immigrant communities, people with disabilities and other groups that have been denied power in Massachusetts communities.

Core Values

  • Invest in leadership by immigrant, women and people of color, who emerge from structurally excluded communities
  • Support risk takers who champion issues that few will take on
  • Utilize civic engagement tools
  • Embrace, facilitate and model collaboration to build an effective progressive movement
  • Identify, challenge and change the institutions, systems, and cultural norms that dehumanize any person or group of persons

Access Strategies Fund is a:

Progressive funder of small community non-profits and network building organizations that together make a difference at the grassroots and structural level

Change agent, promoting an inclusive and expanded democracy that allows everyone to fully participate, particularly groups that have historically been denied power

Convener bringing together like-minded nonprofits, funders, and policymakers to generate new ideas, resources, and collaborations

Capacity builder for a network of grantees who have the strength to stand on their own and work together for social change

Supporter of risk takers that champion the issues that few will take on, and groups who aim high, take risks and dare to work for changes and tangible results in their lifetime

We believe that communities are far more effective at improving conditions in their lives if they join together for the common good and use civic engagement tools to make change.

We believe that investing in the leadership of underserved communities, particularly women and people of color expedites change. Women, and increasingly people of color make up most of our grassroots community leaders. They are the fastest growing constituencies in our communities. Their civic and organizing power is increasing, and their ambitions for change are too.

We believe the future of an effective progressive movement is dependent on ensuring that multiple constituencies are at the decision-making table and executing on their bright ideas. Society is more functional if all communities are creating solutions.