We strive for the day, not too distant in our future, where every individual and group in our society has the power, respect, and resources to improve their lives, family and community.

Our country and Commonwealth must have a diverse and mobilized electorate that inspires debate and dialogue on pressing progressive issues, engages in community action, proudly votes and pursues public office, elects diverse candidates, and holds their leaders accountable. An engaged community is a thriving community.

We envision a society where diverse women, communities of color, immigrants, low-income people, and other groups are driving policy at every decision-making table. Policy informed by diverse decision-makers leads to better outcomes.

Our Commonwealth should value the ideas, roles, relationships, and assets of local leaders and organizations that are the critical and trusted voices from the community.

We value creating systems of opportunity, where all people have access to democracy, such as easy access to voting, campaign finance reform, fair redistricting, and open access to government. These strategies ensure greater participation, transparency, and equity in our democracy.

We need a government that works vigorously to eliminate all structures of racial, gender, economic, and other forms of inequality in its laws – a government where no one is marginalized or vilified because of their status. Societies function better when equality is central and present in everyday life.

We value an engaged community and government institutions where power is shared and inclusion is paramount. Peaceful and positive change is achievable when people feel valued and are included.