The Economic Democracy Fund is the core grantmaking program at Access.

The goal of the Economic Democracy Fund is to empower underserved communities in urban centers in Massachusetts to transform and restructure our economic, electoral and political systems to make them genuinely democratic, participatory, inclusive, and equitable; to favor people over corporations and greed; and to guarantee that women of all backgrounds, people of color, low-income communities, immigrants, young people, and people with disabilities have full access to political, electoral and economic rights, power, resources, and equality.

The Economic Democracy Fund supports communities to revolutionize our democracy so that it works for all by addressing structural and systemic inequalities in our electoral and voting system.  Organizations and networks seeking a more democratic and equitable economy receive funds.

Grants have gone to organizations that:

  • Expose the connections between our existing political process, the current economy, worker exploitation and challenges in our capitalist economy
  • Examine the economic roots of the political power imbalance that favors the wealthy and corporate interests
  • Increase and reframe the debate about corporate power and money in politics in Massachusetts
  • Include in their strategies direct action and civil disobedience tactics that promote new alternative political and economic systems, as well as strategies to increase voter engagement, put progressive issues on the ballot, and reform our elections system
  • Promote learning and experimentation for a new economy