Grant Awards 2012-2014

The goal of the Economic Democracy Fund is to empower underserved communities in urban centers in Massachusetts to transform and restructure our economic, electoral and political systems to make them genuinely democratic, participatory, inclusive, and equitable; to favor people over corporations and greed; and to guarantee that women of all backgrounds, people of color, low-income communities, immigrants, young people, and people with disabilities have full access to political, electoral and economic rights, power, resources, and equality.

Boston Workers Alliance ($20,000)

BWA seeks to advance economic justice organizing and cooperative development projects.  As a grassroots workers organization, BWA is uniquely positioned to drive pragmatic campaigns that win good jobs for marginalized residents while moving strategic reforms towards a new radical, democratic economic system.

Chinese Progressive Association ($10,000, renewal grant $10,000)

While global economic forces shape the social, political and economic conditions of our daily lives, CPA sees the struggle over the city’s future as a key battleground and a strategy for building power. CPA seeks to build long-term strategic alliances with base-building organizations in Greater Boston immigrant communities, communities of color, and in progressive and working class neighborhoods of Boston as well as with other resource organizations, allies, and networks which can play an important role in building movement capacity.

City Life/Vida Urbana ($20,000, renewal grant $20,000)

City Life/Vida Urbana’s organization has a wide focus on Bank Tenant Association organizing to Fight Post-Foreclosure Displacement.  CL/VU seeks to strengthen local and regional organizing capacity to fight bank evictions and foreclosure displacement. City Life/Vida Urbana organizes families in Boston’s low-income communities of color to fight foreclosure displacement.  By challenging the banks after foreclosure, and combining organizing with legal advocacy, CL/VU introduces a powerful method of resistance for foreclosed owners and tenants.

Ex-Prisoners and Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement ($20,000/renewal grant $30,000)

EPOCA is currently engaged in Re-Routing the Prison Pipeline, a multi-campaign initiative to reverse the growth of ‘Incarceration Nation’ and to reduce crime, incarceration and ghetto-ization by creating opportunities and equality for those who have paid their debts to society.  At the heart of their project lies their ongoing goal to build their base and develop leaders who will promote the seeds for change within their community.

Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts ($10,000)

N2N-MA is a progressive organization of working class, multi-racial, and multi-ethnic people working together to build political and economic power to improve the quality of life in their communities. As members, they lead the change themselves through education and training, issue and electoral organizing, policy advocacy, alliance building, community-controlled economic development, and holding decision-makers accountable.  They seek to create a powerful movement for economic and social justice that builds a participatory and responsive democracy to transform people’s lives and the political and economic structures that impact them.

Neighbors United for a Better East Boston ($20,000, renewal grant $30,000)

NUBE sees itself aligned with larger movements for social, economic and racial justice in Greater Boston, Massachusetts and beyond. NUBE’s goal is to create and enhance their accountability tools such as a legislative accountability tool, candidate assessment and power maps that will be actively used to hold decision makers accountable to their community.  NUBE strongly believes that getting out the vote is not enough to hold  elected officials and public institutions accountable and truly representative of the people it serves.

Springfield No One Leaves ($20,000)

SNOL engages in outreach, education, publicity, advocacy and organizing designed to bring together the hundreds of Springfield households that are facing or will imminently face foreclosure and/or eviction after foreclosure.  SNOL/NSM uses an organizing model which brings together bank tenants from throughout the city as well as their allies and other supporters to apply pressure to the banks and court system. This strategy represents a unique approach to the foreclosure crisis, emphasizing collective action combined with legal education and defense.

Student Immigrant Movement ($10,000)

The Student Immigrant Movement (SIM) is a statewide immigrant youth-led organization based in Massachusetts. They identify, recruit and develop leaders in local cities and towns who are invested in improving their communities through relational building, leadership development, electoral organizing and using both strategic and motivational campaigns that build movement.

Union of Minority Neighborhoods ($10,000)

UMN has been an agent of change in Massachusetts through community organizing, coalition building and skill-building, resulting in real power for people not equally engaged in our democracy. Their coalitions have successfully brought together various communities around issues that affect communities of color — strengthening the bridges among labor, non-profits, government, religious communities, businesses and communities of color.