Our Grantees

ACEAlternatives for Community & Environment (ACE) builds the power of communities of color and lower income communities in New England to eradicate environmental racism and classism and achieve environmental justice. They believe that everyone has the right to a healthy environment and to be decision-makers in issues affecting their communities.

Ace is working to launch its “Roxbury Campaign” (working title) which directly addresses the effects of increasing wealth inequity and its impacts on the housing market available to the city’s low income residents.

BEJI FBBlack Economic Justice Institute’s (BEJI) mission is to educate, advocate, and assist Boston’s communities of color in securing sustainable jobs, and /or creating their own businesses.

BEJI advocates for good jobs and good job standards by leading campaigns across the City and working with elected officials to ensure compliance and enforcement of the Boston Resident Jobs Policy and the Good Jobs Standards.

BWA_logoBoston Workers Alliance is dedicated to building a full employment economy where everyone who wants a job can find one  that will support them and their families, regardless of criminal background or past mistakes.

BWA’s central work is in criminal justice reform through the Jobs Not Jails Campaign and economic justice advancing the victories of the Boston Jobs Coalition beyond Roxbury. Further, BWA is exploring new possibilities to leverage the model of worker-owned cooperatives that build shared wealth and empower those who produce that wealth to make decisions about its development and use.

BWG logobwg__copyBrazilian Women’s Group promotes the empowerment of Brazilian women and the Brazilian community in the Boston area.  BWG developed the Vida Verde Women’s Cooperative, which allows women to become economically independent and escape the exploitation that they suffer as “helpers” to other housecleaners with their own cleaning “schedules.”

Centro Presente LOGOCentro Presente is a member-driven, state-wide Latin American immigrant organization dedicated to the self-determination and self-sufficiency of the Latin American immigrant community of Massachusetts. Centro Presente struggles for immigrant rights and for economic, social justice to build community power.

Centro Presente utilizes a popular education methodology to make sense of the larger socio-political context of dealing with issues of trauma, globalization, trade agreements and militarization connected to their own lived experiences.

Chelsea Collab Logo with Chelsea Collab Arch AboveChelsea Collaborative works to empower Chelsea residents to enhance the social, environmental and economic health of the community and its people; and hold institutional decision makers accountable to the community. The Collaborative is led by the constituency affected by the issues. It addresses targeted policy and legislative change work, by building movements with partner organizations and by trying to create new models for economic investment while creating jobs specifically for the community.

CPA LogoChinese Progressive Association is developing the incubation and support of the Chinatown Community Land Trust (CCLT).  The Chinatown Community Land Trust has conducted outreach to row house owners, explored collaboration with a number of developers and affordable housing finance partners, and heightened the community’s demand for community control of public land development.

CLVU Logo_With_Tagline-white backgroundCity Life/Vida Urbana (CLVU) is a grassroots community organization committed to fighting for racial, social and economic justice and gender equality by building working class power. CLVU promotes individual empowerment, develops community leaders and builds collective power to effect systemic change and transform society.

City Life’s is working to develop grassroots power to take foreclosed housing out of the speculative market and into community control.  In addition, they are developing popular education materials about the Ujima Project, a neighborhood based economic ecosystem which will build power and economic benefit for low-income communities and small businesses in Boston.

DSNI LogoDudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) is a resident-led community change collaborative dedicated to the revitalization of the Roxbury and Dorchester neighborhoods of Boston. DSNI established a Community Land Trust, a protective force against gentrification, with over 225 units of permanently affordable housing, green and commercial space.

The Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) is expanding upon its Community Land Trust model and advocacy for policies that address the housing needs of Dudley residents. They are a key partner in the newly formed Boston Community Land Trust Network.

EPOCA LOGO (2)Ex-Prisioners and Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement (EPOCA) hopes to build and strengthen the Jobs Not Jails movement.  They also hope to learn and advance state policies to stimulate worker ownership and to develop strong, clear language around the solidarity economy for the movement.

EPOCA and its partners are working to advance economic and racial justice by ending mass incarceration and ensuring living wage jobs for all.  EPOCA is also working to create an economy where everyone who wants to work can work, and be justly rewarded – not only in compensation and benefits, but also in control and ownership of the workplace.

mh-logo-lgMatahari is a Greater Boston organization where women of color, immigrant women and families come together as sisters, workers and survivors to put an end to gender based violence and exploitation.  They accomplish this through developing the leadership of communities to change policy and community conditions.  Matahari’s vision and work consists of developing alternative models to achieve good, dignified jobs for domestic workers while balancing affordable and accessible care for families (childcare, elder/adult care, and home care).

N2N Logo.pdfNeighbor to Neighbor is a statewide organization building power in communities to create an authentic social movement for democracy.  Members lead the change through political education, issue- and electoral-organizing, and grassroots policy advocacy to claim democracy, economy and environment for a thriving Massachusetts.

Neighbor to Neighbor will partner with allies in the Jobs Not Jails coalition to flesh out the jobs piece of the Justice Reinvestment Act.  N2N hopes that this bill will make the State a key investor in community- and worker- owned cooperatives. N2N is also partnering with local organizations in Holyoke to consider organizing for a community land trust to provide housing, gardens, or other initiatives.

NUBE Logo (2012)Neighbors United for a Better East Boston (NUBE), is a multi-ethnic, member-led organization of East Boston residents who work on building a direct action organization to hold public institutions accountable.

NUBE will focus on adapting its organizational model towards a balanced approach for long term sustainability while exploring solidarity economy projects. NUBE members will be engaged in collective decision making, have ownership of this new model and will meet regularly to plan, implement, and to participate in personal transformation activities.

NEU4J LogoNew England United 4 Justice, NEU4J, is a new organization that believes in the power of promoting social, economic and racial justice using a strong grassroots organizing approach in building direct leadership in low income neighborhoods.

NEU4J will continue their work with Right to the City within the Right to Remain campaign with a core focus of leadership development, housing justice and land use in Boston. They will also continue their civic engagement work to empower communities in registering to vote, becoming educated on their voting rights and mobilizing during key elections taking place within their communities.