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We believe that in order for our governing institutions to truly embody democratic values, it must have a political process that is transparent and inclusive. We also believe that organized and civically engaged communities are the solution to transforming our governing systems. Through our partnerships, Access Strategies Fund currently chairs two funding initiatives: The Mass Census Equity Fund & The Drawing Democracy Fund.



Massachusetts Census Equity Fund

The Massachusetts Census Equity Fund is a statewide funding initiative working to increase participation in the census, specifically in communities historically undercounted. In addition to serving as a community for learning. The Fund provides financial support to grassroots organizations that are working towards an accurate and fair count. Most recently MCEF raised $1.5 million and granted $1 million to support 83 groups in the Census 2020 recount.

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Drawing Democracy Fund

The goals of the Drawing Democracy Fund are to promote a transparent and accountable redistricting process and to empower communities by creating fair voting districts. The Fund will provide financial and technical support to community-based organizations involved in organizing around redistricting. 


For a complete list of the DDF grantees click here



Democracy Affinity Group

More info coming soon!

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MA Voter Table, Mass Vote, MIRA Coalition, Philanthropy MA, The Boston Foundation, Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, The Hyams Foundation, The Miller Foundation, Episcopal City Mission, & Rivera Consultant Inc.

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