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Far too often the leadership of women, genderqueer, and non-binary individuals has been sidelined and erased. Through the Women’s Public Leadership Program, Access Strategies Fund aims to elevate and promote the leadership of women, genderqueer non-binary people of color. We do so by funding initiatives and retreats that offer a space for community building, mutual learning and healing.


Healing Retreats

The most valuable part of a movement are its people. The energy, creativity, thoughtfulness, and care of people make movements flourish or stagnate. We want to sustain our people and the power they bring to our community and work. 

Through its Women’s Public Leadership program area, Access Strategies Fund has responded to the call from Black and brown women, femme, and genderqueer people to support and elevate the  leadership for women, genderqueer, and nonbinary people of color through healing and healing justice.


The Women’s Pipeline for Change is a coalition of innovative women of color leaders, women of color-led organizations and allies focused on expanding opportunities in public leadership for women of color in Massachusetts.


Pipeline members represent a wide range of fields, skills and backgrounds, from community organizations, political organizing and advocacy, to academia and research, training, and leadership development. 

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Seasoning with Sadada: Relating with the Seasons-Spring

Facilitated by: Sadada Jackson

Workshop Description: The seasons hold a great deal of wisdom. As we move through the pandemic, COVID-19, white supremacy, antiblack racism, capitalism, and colonization, the wisdom of the season can be a source of support, healings, and refuge for our bodies, hearts, and our work as activist healers, educators. In this workshop, we will use our bodies, our hearts, and our senses to explore our relationship to this coming season: spring. We will do this by reflecting, exploring, and imaging how this time of year can support us, how the season is teaching us and apply these lessons in our life, our work and how to connect to the teachings of the spring. We will use movement and breathwork to ground and explore our relationship to the season, along with reflection. We  will also explore our relationship to plants, using items from your home and investigating the kinds of plant-based relationships that can support and care for us during this season.


Mass Vote, Boston Women’s Fund, Luana Morales, Sadada Jackson, Mama Lula, Keyona Aviles, Kyia, Sol Gonzalez, Eroc Arroyo, & Isaura Oliveira

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